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      Company News

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      Symantec Backup Exec Network Backup Solution


           Symantec redesigned its industry-leading VERITAS State Foundation product to provide IT organizations with unprecedented functionality that allows it to view applications and storage sources across data centers, each major operating system, and storage hardware platforms. In addition, there is an outstanding function that can pre-empt the control of its storage environment. Other vendors can not provide such a feature even for a single operating system or storage hardware platform, but Symantec can introduce this feature to support all major operating system environments and storage hardware devices. VERITAS State Foundation is a revolutionary milestone set by Symantec in its efforts to help users optimize their multi-platform data center environment. We use cross-platform technology to create solutions that are unique in the industry, providing visibility to the entire storage environment in terms of data center scope and the ability to control and manage the environment.

           VERITAS State Foundation 5.0 contains the Stage Foundation Management Server, a new technology that provides centralized multi-host management capabilities between Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms. This unique technology allows users to obtain enterprise-wide visibility, control, and standardization of data center infrastructure. It allows IT organizations to centrally manage their applications, servers, and storage environments, allowing them to deploy applications quickly, simplify data transfer procedures, upgrade service levels, reduce the risk of human error, and increase visibility and control throughout the environment. The Stage Foundation Management Server supports VERITAS Stage Foundation 4.x and 5.0 versions, which means that users can view and manage all such Stage Foundation situations in their entire data center through a single integrated tool.

           Dynamic State Tiering(DST), one of the functions of the Stage Foundation, allows data to be moved so that the company can compare appropriate storage hardware levels and applications, and when the value and priority of information change over time, Move information to different levels of online storage, thereby reducing storage costs. System administrators can use the appropriate principles to move data between multiple storage levels within the application in a functioning multi-platform environment without affecting the actual production system or user.

           Dynamic Multi-Drawing(DMP), which is part of VERITAS State Foundation 5.0, is an advanced multipath technology that delivers advanced I/O performance, device exploration, and path fault-tolerant transfer via SAN. The Stage Foundation Management Server will fully support DMP management, thus increasing visibility in the storage environment and reducing risk. For example, IT managers can perform array and HBA upgrades for multiple hosts at the same time, and check online, backup, and other factors before starting work to minimize the possibility of human error.

           VERITAS Volume/Disaster Recovery(HA/DR) is part of Symantec's high usability / disaster recovery(HA/DR) solution, and its performance has been greatly improved with the launch of the State Foundation Management Server. Centralized management of the system protected by VERITAS Volume-Recorder, IT organizations will be able to effectively adjust HA/DR operations. In addition, with the new "Bunker Replication" feature, VERITAS Volume-Recorder allows users to copy data synchronously to the Bunker website while copying it asynchronously to a remote location. Bunker replication ensures that application transactions are not lost due to job failures and supports replication at any distance. VERITAS VolumeRecorder fully supports heterogeneous Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems, and heterogeneous storage devices, thus providing IT organizations with unparalleled selectivity and flexibility to select the most suitable and cost-effective platform.